Professor Mushtaq Khan’s lecture on Governance Reform and Economic Growth

Mushtaq Khan is a professor of economics at SOAS with research interests in institutional economics, the economic role of the state in developing countries, industrial policy, issues of governance reform, corruption and state failure.
His regional specialization is in South Asian economic development. He is also a member of the Africa Task Force set up by Joe Stiglitz and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) at Columbia University. He has worked on the crisis of state building in Palestine, and is currently researching the institutional and governance foundations of comparative economic growth in a number of countries in South and South-East Asia and Africa.
His publications can be accessed on

This lecture on the relationship of governance reform and economic growth (and why the former is not a pre-condition for the latter) lasts about 30 minutes, was recorded in late November 2008, and has been broken up into 4 individual video clips.

You can download the slides used in the lecture as a Powerpoint presentation or as PDF file.


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  1. On Moving to Seattle and the Gates Foundation | david sasaki Says:

    […] has pulled hundreds of millions of its citizens out of poverty over the past decade. Mushtaq Khan argues that it is, in fact, economic development and a larger middle class that leads to good governance […]

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